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Wanderlust? 5 reasons that make a hostel more luxurious than a 5-star hotel

Wanderlust? 5 reasons that make a hostel more luxurious than a 5-star hotel

If you are a skeptical person. Point 4 could be interesting for you…

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Traveling is one of these activities that broadens one’s horizon—if done in the right way. It’s not only because of the obvious facts that you get to see new places, experience new traditions, or take amazing photos, it’s also a great way to get to know yourself better.


And that’s where the hostel comes into play.


Because a hostel is perfect for traveling alone which is one of the most challenging ways to get to know yourself. But don’t worry! It’s more than worth it. Apart from learning about yourself, there are


 reasons why a hostel is the better choice for your travels:

1. (Good) hostels are often located in the best areas in town, which are safe and usually within walking distance to important sights.

2. It’s an accepted place for solo travelers. You won’t meet skepticism there and no one will judge you for traveling alone.

3. A hostel stay is much cheaper than a hotel. Especially when you are travelling solo, it’s still affordable.

4.You learn to trust strangers, as you share your room with people you have never met before.

5. The most ‘luxurious’ point of a hostel stay is that you get to know so many interesting new people from all over the world. You meet travelers there with character and fascinating life stories, it’s amazing talk to such people. And sometimes, if you are lucky, you have found a travel buddy for a few days among your fellow hostel guests.

Therefore, the common area of a hostel is often the best place in town for interesting conversations. Don’t miss out on this valuable experience.


Because what is more luxurious than meeting interesting people that inspire you on your travels?


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