5 smart tips on how to meditate on a regular basis

Do you recognize yourself in excuse number 3?

1. “I don’t find time for meditation; my schedule is too tight.”

2. “I am not calm enough to meditate at the moment.”

3.  “I will meditate again tomorrow.”

4. “I am not good enough, I will slip back into thinking anyway.”

5. “Meditating just by myself is boring.”

Those are just some of the many excuses we tend to have which keep us from doing our mediation practices on a regular basis. It seems that mediation steals some of our limited time, but what we forget is that mediation helps us to convert our remaining time into enriching quality time. As meditation has a calming effect on us and we are thereby able to enjoy the rest of our day much better even if we need to work through a tight schedule.

In addition, mediation can lead to an increased ability to focus and concentrate.

Thus, these 10-20 minutes per day that we ‘lose’ for our meditation practice help us to live and enjoy our day more actively.

Isn’t that worth a try?


If yes…

…here you find 5 tips on how to mediate on a regular basis

1. Decide for what time of day you feel most comfortable for your practice. Select an exact time, not just say in the morning or in the evening.

2. Never skip your mediation appointment twice let meditation become a habit for you over time.

3. Create a daily alarm in your phone to remind yourself of your meditation practice.

4. Reflect occasionally on your meditation experience by making notes in a diary or notebook.

5. Join meditation groups to find motivation in a group setting (especially as a beginner) or organize mediation sessions together with good friends.

Keep in mind:

“Meditation is the opportunity

to get to know your true self.”


„Let’s change the world with our thoughts.”

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