Claudia Hackl, MA MSc

I am Claudia and I am happy to welcome you to my platform.



I decided to create The Smart Spirit with the vision to make you aware of your own potential which is also the underlying intention of my recently published book called Your Guide to a Smart Life.



It’s my heart’s desire to motivate you with The Smart Spirit, to create the life of your dreams and to actively help to shape our world. Apart from a mindful life filled with meditation, a passion for work, travel and personal growth, let us create together an atmosphere full of respect, support and understanding for each other.



If you like the mission of The Smart Spirit you are very welcome to find inspiration in your daily life from Smart Videos and Smart Blog Posts. In case you have created a video or an article yourself – which you want to share on this platform – let me know via the contact form.



Additionally, the Smart Shop offers a range of products for you – including handcrafted cushions and smart clothing – that support a smart and mindful life.



Have fun browsing through this smart jungle!



~ Claudia Hackl ~

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