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The Smart Spirit has been created in 2017 by Claudia and Annemarie with the vision to make more people aware of their own potential and unique talents as well as to share ideas about respect, empathy, freedom, tolerance, and equality.





Claudia has published a guide that helps people to find their passion and talents (free download).  She is convinced that self-realization is crucial for our wellbeing and happiness. Therefore she encourages people to fully live their potential and to show themselves to the world.


Annemarie, who has been a teacher for more than 40 years, mainly focuses on sharing ideas about respect, kindness, and equality. She wants to encourage as many people as possible to actively help to shape our world.





The motto of TheSmartSpirit is ‘Follow Your Own Rules‘. This motto shall remind us to live an independent life, free from the norms and expectations of society. Life is an adventure, and we should always strive to make our dreams a reality. But most importantly, we should do that with empathy, respect, and kindness.

Claudia & Annemarie

Since the founding of TheSmartSpirit, the platform has more than 17,000 readers and Claudia’s talent guide ‘Follow Your Cloverleaf’ has been nominated for the Beverly Hills Book Award. More and more people add today to the platform by sharing their ideas about mindfulness. If you would like to do the same, please reach out via our contact form. For a personal consultation please write an email to


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