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How a silent retreat saved me from a state of exhaustion

Do you know this feeling? When you have worked so much for a couple of weeks ...
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girl jogging

Why jogging is good for me

I consider doing sports as quality time. For me it’s a way of self-love or in ...
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Paris and it’s unique magic

Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris on a hot summer afternoon in August. That’s where my ...
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Positive Affirmations Challenge

As self-development is in my opinion one of the most crucial things in life – if ...
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5 smart tips on how to meditate on a regular basis

Do you recognize yourself in excuse number 3? 1. "I don’t find time for meditation; my ...
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Wanderlust? 5 reasons that make a hostel more luxurious than a 5-star hotel

If you are a skeptical person. Point 4 could be interesting for you... Travel is the ...
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„Let’s change the world
with our thoughts.”

„You can’t stop being amazing
even if you try.”

– Quote from my book

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