Happiness is a choice (and you get to choose it)

I’ve heard it said that “mindset is everything”. And I think that’s true. You get to choose your level of happiness despite what’s happening around you. When life gets tough, I know, it can feel impossible to simply ​choose​ to be happy. So how do you change your mindset to a more positive one when things around you aren’t so great? How can you simply choose to be happy?

1. Realize that happiness doesn’t come from fancy things

As someone who used to LOVE to shop, it’s taken me a while to realize that material items don’t bring true happiness. When I was a kid I remember spending most of my birthday money each year on new clothing. I used to get so excited to pick out new clothes that the popular kids would think looked good. At the time, I thought I was happy about my new clothes, but as I got older, I realized it wasn’t the new clothes that were making me happy. It was the thought of who I would become because I had the new clothes.

I wasn’t happy with hundreds of dollars of clothing I would buy each year (yikes, I know…) It was the idea of me becoming someone new, someone “cool”. Somehow,​ I decided​ that with newer, cooler clothing, I myself was cooler too. ​I choose​ to see myself fitting in with the new clothes that I had purchased without even realizing it. Even though it was subconscious, I still shifted my mindset to become happier.

Over the years I’ve grown to learn that it doesn’t matter what clothing I have, what type of car I drive, or what house I live in. I get to choose the mindset I want to have. I get to choose my happiness. Sure, some days it’s easier than others, but as I’ve stopped looking at fancy things to make me happy, I’ve found ways to make my own happiness.

2. Happiness doesn’t come from success

Have you ever thought about how happy you’ll be when you finally “make it” to your dream job? Or Dream House? Or Dream Husband? I have! This was another big lesson I’ve learned. Success doesn’t equal happiness. In fact, happiness fuels success.

When you’re living in a constant state of waiting for something to happen in life to make you happy, you’re stopping yourself from actually being happy. It’s only when you take action towards your goals and choose to be happy that you’ll achieve success.

I’ve come to realize that out of my happiness, I can accomplish my goals much quicker and easier. Realizing that happiness is a choice rather than waiting for happiness to happen to me has made me more confident to step out and achieve my dreams. I’ll bet when you choose happiness, you’ll achieve your dreams faster and easier, too!

3. Happiness is a choice and you get to choose it.

Imagine waiting for your whole life for a circumstance that may or may not ever happen to determine if you’re ever happy or not. Sounds crazy, right? Why would you wait for someone or something else to decide if you’re happy with your own life? Why allow someone or something else that much power over you? Well, friend, Happiness is a choice and you get to choose it.

Yes, it can be much harder said than done some days, but the more you practice, the easier it will become. Here are a few things that have helped me choose to be happy even when I had every reason not to be:


– Practice Gratitude

– Play my favorite song

– Smile more

– Fake Laugh (until it becomes a real one)

– Compliment someone


So, what are you going to choose today? Are you going to choose happiness or allow your circumstances to continue to decide your emotions? Remember friends, happiness is a choice and you get to choose it.

Asia Layton is the co-creator of Being Dauntless, a top-rated blog that has gained her national attention for her fresh, practical goal setting strategies for women. She inspires and encourages women to accomplish their dreams by helping them stay focused on what matters most.  Follow Being Dauntless on social media to stay updated with Asia’s goal setting & tracking tips!

by Asia Layton

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