How my online shopping addiction has helped me stay positive during quarantine

There has been one activity that I have been relying on for a serotonin boost throughout this quarantine: online shopping.
Spending so much time alone and indoors has had me feeling a bit drained. However, expecting a package gives me something to be excited about, and receiving the things that I have been waiting for fills me with joy. It may seem materialistic, but it’s the little things that give me some happiness during these crazy and unpredictable times.

I tried new things

There had always been certain things that I thought about doing but always thought that I didn’t have the time for. So when quarantine started, rather than dwell about having nothing to do all day, I tried to look at my newfound free time as an opportunity to try new things.



Yellow ukulele: Learning the ukulele was something I’ve thought about for years, but always felt that I didn’t have the time for. Not wanting to spend a fortune, I opted for a cheap yellow ukulele from Ebay. While it may not be the most professional-sounding, this ukulele has brought me a lot of joy throughout quarantine. I have a new hobby, and I feel accomplished when I learn something new.


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%: I made it a goal of mine to improve my skincare routine during quarantine. Along with switching my overly-stripping facial cleanser for a more gentle one, I decided to try incorporating a serum into my routine. After doing some research (Thank you, Hyram!), I ordered a serum from The Ordinary and have been happy with the results. Overall, I’ve been enjoying the process of trying new products and seeing how they help my skin. I bought some things I didn’t really need Just because you don’t need something, doesn’t mean that it’s completely useless. While in quarantine, I found that sometimes even the simplest things can do a lot to brighten up your day. Being in quarantine has taught me to appreciate even the littlest things. That being the case, if something makes you happy, it has a good enough purpose.

Reversible octopus plushie: This octopus plushie always puts a smile on my face (even when it has it’s angry face on).
Bunny slippers: These cute bunny slippers have helped make all the time I’ve spent indoors a little more cheerful.
I made my room my happy place. Since I was spending so much time in my room, I figured I might as well turn into a space that I enjoy being in.


Flower garlands and butterfly wall decals: I hung these flower garlands and butterfly stickers up around my windows. I’ve always been a girly girl, so I love the fairytale vibes that these give my room.


Galaxy projector: This galaxy projector is one of my favorite things I’ve ever bought. It changes colors, and it can also be used as a speaker. I use it every night and it gives my room such a dreamy atmosphere. I helped support small businesses
It is especially satisfying to shop online when it helps support small businesses. I’m lucky enough to be able to work and spend money during this time, and it feels good to buy things when I know that the money I spend is going to support a small business.



Face mask: Masks quickly became a requirement to wear, and so I wanted to have one that I felt good in. I found this cute printed mask from EVLdesignStudio on Etsy. Not only does this mask make me happy when I wear it, but it also felt nice to know that I was supporting a small business when I bought it.

Personalized necklaces: I got these personalized name necklaces from CaitlynMinimalist on Etsy. They go with everything and I love wearing them. The seller was also super friendly and helpful, which made me want to support her business even more.


Overall, quarantine can be draining, but there is still joy to be found in the simple things in life. If something makes you happy, then it is something worth having.

Ariella is a senior at San Diego State University studying advertising. She is passionate about creating content and especially enjoys writing about travel and lifestyle topics.

by Ariella Hayden

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