How our perfectionism stops us from shining

I have come across the phrase: “ If you focus on your imperfections you get to keep them”.

That made me think about many talented people who I know and who stop themselves from sharing their knowledge because of the language barrier, the fear of social judgment, and other personal insecurities. This perfectionism stops us from shining.

Let me share my story of how I am overcoming my own issues and moving towards achieving my goals. I hope my example will be inspiring for someone in a similar situation. In my case, that’s a language barrier and a fear of public speaking.

Because English is my second language, at the moment I am not perfectly fluent at it as I’d like to be and I speak with an accent. That is very obvious in my Instagram videos which I shoot and post daily. I really enjoy the process but also that is my way to challenge myself and to stretch my comfort zone. Recently someone advised me to run this blog in my native language as that would suit me better. That would indeed be much easier for me and what I am doing now might seem counter-intuitive. So why don’t I switch to my native language?

My opinion is that we shouldn’t restrict ourselves because of common clichés that people offer us to follow,  but to flip the coin over and to see the value in what we do. In my case, I can share the precious knowledge that comes from a variety of schools and experiences that I come across in different languages and cultures. I studied Hypnotherapy and Counselling in the UK where I have been living for a while now. Also, I have an access to the information that comes from the Western world and the Eastern-European countries. And therefore, my answer is: Just because I talk with an accent it doesn’t mean that I think with an accent. I have something valuable to share with the world so why should I limit myself? As the language could be learned and the accent improved, you should never discourage yourself from following your interests. Same as we should never let anyone make us believe that we should quit. Personally, I would be very honored If my own imperfections would inspire someone to follow their dreams.


by Olha Malickina

Olha lives in the UK and is an expert in hypnotherapy. She helps people to improve their life quality and achieve their life goals.

More of her work can be found on her Instagram page @Olhamalickina1

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