My Beautiful Body Scan Meditation By: Jennifer Lundell

Today, I’d like to share with you something personal I created for myself back in 2017. At the time, I was living in British Columbia, Canada with some awesome women and men (whom I miss dearly!) that I went to uni with. It was a very trying time for me as I was newly single, newly back with a new diagnosis, and new meds to take daily. I was a bundle of nerves and a jumble of thoughts and emotions.


As I’ve already mentioned, I incorporated meditation into my daily routine back then for 45 minutes each day. It was a great way to calm my mind and emotions, to ground myself. When I meditated, I often found myself feeling very connected to God and would have prayer time simultaneously practicing focusing on the breath.


At that time, I was also struggling (and still occasionally do) with having a negative perception of my body. Most of you who know me know I’ve been very skinny all of my life but most of you don’t know that I’ve struggled with believing I’m fat or not skinny enough most of my life. My counselor then suggested I say positive and affirming things to myself internally instead of all of the negative talk that I’d “pep” myself up with. With this in mind, during one of my meditation times, I instead focused on specific areas of my body starting from my head all the way down to my toes but, with a twist. I thanked God for each part that was functioning healthily. This type of meditation is commonly called a body scan. I was inspired by John Kabat-Zinn from one of his books. I do this mindful meditation body scan whenever and wherever I am when a negative thought or two or ten pop into my mind. It really helps me.


If you’d like to try it, below I’ll provide loose instructions of how I do it. If you try it, let me know how it impacts you and what you feel. Come with me!

My Beautiful Body Scan Meditation: 10-15 min. duration

➡️ For the first few minutes (3-5 minutes) focus solely on the breath before gently turning your attention/awareness to the feet and toes, thanking God for your beautiful feet that support your whole body, taking you wherever you wish to go;


➡️ Gradually and gently turn your awareness to your legs in all of their varicose veined and scarred glories, thanking God your legs support you as you turn and pivot whenever you need or want to;


➡️ Gradually and gently turn to your thighs, hips, and bottom. Maybe you (just like me) have some stretch marks or cellulite. Maybe they’re disproportionate in your eyes. Let those thoughts drift away on a leaf down a waterfall and thank God for your strength in your thighs and hips to carry heavy objects or little people on and to sit and rest on after a hard days’ work;


➡️ Gradually and gently turn your awareness to your stomach. It is beautiful in its current shape, thank God for its ability to digest nutrients you feed it- nutrients which circulate throughout your body’s system providing you with what you need to stay healthy and in tip-top condition;


➡️ Gradually and gently turn your awareness to your torso, shoulders, and neck- relaxing all of your muscles thus far, thanking God for your beautiful body God designed. As you gently become aware of each part all the way up to your neck, remember it is beautiful and it supports your head.


➡️ Gradually and gently turn your awareness to your head. Is your face tense? Relax those muscles and breathe out and in gently, remembering to thank God for your eyes, nose, and mouth to see, smell and taste things God provides for you. Thank God for your beautiful, intelligent brain that is supported by your neck, your shoulders, your torso, and on and on. Thank God for making you who you are- a unique and one of a kind masterpiece!


➡️ Gradually and gently open your eyes (if they were closed) and come back to the present moment in awareness and have a happier more positive day!

Jennifer enjoys hiking, reading, gardening succulents, and spinning fiber on her spinning wheel. She just relocated to the East Coast.  She’s passionate about mental health, natural beauty products, and skincare, Classic fashion, and much more. You can find out more on her blog, Calm Cool Classy.


by Jennifer Lundell

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