The part of you that is brave enough
to follow your dreams waits patiently
to be found inside your heart.

Quote from the book

What readers say about the book

Very inspirational book. Made me aware of all the influences
that I am confronted with every day and how they affect my decisions.





A must read book for everyone who deals with finding purpose and self-realization.
Helps to see oneself and the world around from a different perspective.

What’s inside the book

This guide is designed to understand the art of living a smart life by finding one’s purpose.

Section 1: Cloverleaf Method

Section 1 starts with The Cloverleaf Method, which is based on the symbol of the four-leaved cloverleaf and points out a person’s key talents.

This dynamic and easy manageable self-analysis tool leads step by step to one’s passion and is the stepping stone into a smarter life.

Section 2: Strategies

The second section contains strategies for a sustainable realization of all new findings from The Cloverleaf Method into one’s daily life.

Section 3: Amazing effects

The last part shows the amazing effects of a lived passion and finally leads to the most valuable finding of all.