This tool is perfect for the time in quarantine and therefore easy to sell. The world is changing…

As affiliate you get  50% – so $2 per download

You can use the following pictures for your campaigns

You can use this video as trailer

You can use this video for social media

This video can be used as testimonial

I recommend to create your own video and opinion and advertise that. But you are also very welcome to use mine!

General tipps for social media ads

– Facebook: It’s ideal to share your personal experiences or outcomes from the tool.

– ​Instagram: Here it’s great to share a picture of you and the book in a nice location or simply a pretty picture of the tool.

– ​Youtube: Youtube is best for a short talk about what you like about the tool and to show how you used it.





Paid campaigns:

For facebook ads it’s recommended to start first an engagement campaign to get as much engegemant (likes, comments) as possible.

!! After that in a second step you can create campagins that lead to the website and advertise to lookalike audiences. For more information please send a message to:

The world is changing. This guide helps you to also change yourself.

This is how it works

To start the process:

When you click at  “Promote”, you get to the  Digistore24 market place Wenn du eine Partnerschaft angefordert hast, ersetze im Link, den Platzhalter “AFFILIATE” durch deine Digistore24-ID.

For every download, you get immediately transferred $ 2 on your Digistore24 account.

The sign up as affiliate takes maximum 2 minutes, if you don’t have an account yet.

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