Why jogging is good for me

I consider doing sports as quality time. For me it’s a way of self-love or in other words it’s a way of taking care of myself. Especially jogging is perfect, as it helps me to stay in shape and to feel in harmony with the natural flow of nature at the same time.

advantage jogging

No matter where you live, a big city or a little village, jogging can be done everywhere. You can jog after work as well as if you are on vacation, on a lonely beach, in a crowded city, in a park, woods or a field. A big advantage is that you don’t need any special equipment for jogging apart from shoes.

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Jogging can be defined as a type of running in which the endurance and the cardiovascular system are increased and improved by prolonged walking at a moderate leisurely pace.

Jogging is like meditation

Jogging gives you some kind of inner freedom where you are in perfect harmony with your surrounding.

You can jog on a monotonous leisurely road or try to move perfectly in an inner state of rest as if you are meditating. Similar to meditation such an activity helps you process things that might be good or bad in your life.

Through controlled breathing and mental focus, you relax during running and reduce your everyday stress or pent-up aggression and frustration. Jogging also gives you new perspectives, ideas and inspirations for any kind of situation you might have to deal with in your life.

Jogging does also have a lot of other positive side effects. It gives you a better athletic performance, it helps you remove or hold weight, it gives you a better sleep, it gets you stronger bones and joints, it is good for your heart and digestion, it fills your life generally with more happiness and last but not least it gives you more self-confidence.


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