Work from home more effectively with mindfulness

As we are approaching the end of lockdown many of us will face working from home option regularly or permanently. As frustrating as working from home can be, there is also a big chance to increase productivity, improve work satisfaction, and reduce breaks and sick days. There is how:

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Practice mindfulness,

not only will it reduce stress but also will it help you to stay focused, which is a priceless skill when working from home.

In fact, mindfulness is already a big thing in the business world. Many big companies including Google, LinkedIn, Adobe, General Electric, Unilever encourage their employees to meditate. For instance, Google invited the Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh for meditation sessions.


Thích Nhất Hạnh  says the following:

‘You have to consider your idea of happiness. You think it is possible only if you win if you are on the top. But it is not necessarily like that, because even if you are successful in making more money, you still suffer. You compete because you are not happy and meditation can help you to suffer less. Many of us think you can only be happy when you leave other people behind; you are number one. You do not need to be number one to be happy.

There must be a spiritual dimension in your life and in your business, otherwise, you cannot deal with the suffering caused by your work or your daily life.’ (The Guardian, Google seeks out the wisdom of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.)


Why is it worth it?

The research shows that mindful workers have more present-moment awareness. They feel happier and more confident at work. Demonstrating clarity, calmness, and ability to self restore their energy levels by connecting to inner selves. That’s happening by practicing staying in present awareness.


What is staying in the present moment?

This is a mindset that brings full non-judgmental attention to what is happening inside and around us: our thoughts, body sensations, and feelings that arise while working or thinking about our completion of tasks. We pay
attention to how we talk to ourselves. We are trying to be kind instead of attacking ourselves when we made a mistake. This helps to be productive without burning ourselves out.


How to start practicing mindfulness at work and turn it into a new habit

The easy way to begin practicing mindfulness is to follow these steps.

First, start with planning it in your diary as an everyday routine. Try to block 5 to 15 minutes earlier in the day so there are no excuses not to do it, especially if something else comes up you can always reschedule your meditation for later on in a day. Next, find a quiet place in your house where nothing will disturb you and you will feel comfortable and secure. Many people chose their bedroom or living room and garden space on a good day. Preferably you don’t change this place. It should also be away from your desk and all the digital notifications should be turned off. So you will be able to allow yourself to switch off completely from your work for a short time while meditating. Calming your mind is not an instant thing. That is why observe quietly any thoughts that may run through your mind, acknowledge them and let them go. Keep practicing daily and let your subconscious accept your new routine gradually so be patient.

Here’s a short meditation I created specifically to connect with the inner
self. Hope you will enjoy it and please try it as soon as you can!

Olha Malickina is a Hypnotherapy and Counseling Student in the UK.

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